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My name is Jenna Boss...

and I'm a documentary filmmaker. As a purpose-driven director, producer, and editor, I care deeply about the individual stories we each hold. My unique lens helps share narratives in a compelling style to bring more understanding and new perspectives to complex issues. I've worked with numerous clients from small local business owners to global brands such as Beats By Dre and NASA. In 2024, the Director of photography work I did for the documentary Never Look Away premiered at Sundance and SXSW. My feature-length documentary, The Middle Path, is currently in post-production.



Sharing purpose-driven stories for and about people and communities.

Why Boss Road? Well, it's the name of the street I started making my first films. Growing up with over 20 family members on the same road harvested, as my grandpa Dick would say, "something special." Alongside family, I created my first short-form videos, which I hope will never see the light of day!

In hindsight, this taught me the importance of community and how it is an essential part of my quality of life. Stories give perspective and context which help us form deeper connections. Stories make us realize we're more similar than different, which is what BRF is all about.

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What THE people say

“Jenna has always shown such amazing commitment to the task at hand no matter how thankless it’s been in the moment! It’s a testament to her great character.” 

Dean Cornish, Producer and Director

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